New Directors appointed at Yugul Mangi AGM 2018

We held our Annual General Meeting of Members yesterday, where we presented the Director’s Report to our Members and elected our Directors for the next two years. We followed it up with a Board Meeting of our new Directors.

We’re pleased to announce the following Directors were appointed to YMD’s Board.¬†Each of the seven clans has two Directors and an Alternate / Proxy:

Alawa: Priscilla Dixon, Roland Lansen, Brian Robertson
Ngalakan: Roger Thompson, Cynthia Turner, Sammy Ponto
Ngandi: Owen Turner, Michael Thompson, Ammeretta Wesan
Mara: Grace Daniels, Melinda Thompson, Emmanuel Huddleston
Wandarrang: Gregory Daniels, Regina Rogers, Kevin Rogers
Nunggubuyu: Bobby Nunggumajbarr, Daphne Daniels, Ambrose Daniels
Ritharrngu: Laurie Wilfred, Benjamin Wilfred, Erica Wilfred

Congratulations to all those who are new faces on our board, as well as those who have retained their positions. We look forward to an exciting year ahead with lots of work for community in the pipeline.

AGM 20 Nov 18

Our first Board Meeting with the new Board.