Darlala Motel Expansion

We’re very proud of our Darlala Motel. Our 22 room motel has expanded to a total of 28 rooms with the addition of 6 extra rooms and a laundry building (offering a long-awaited guest laundry). We had originally applied for an ABA grant to fund the expansion but after 6 months of waiting, we were told our idea had merit but we should seek funding elsewhere. Ultimately, our Directors chose to rely on our own limited trust fund to cover the expansion ourselves.

While this decision will potentially limit what other opportunities we can pursue, the expansion will allow Yugul Mangi Development to take advantage of growing tourism opportunities within the region, as well as increased business as a result of the Wilton and Roper River Crossings. The building should re-pay itself within 5 to 10 years.

[wpvideo kXEN9egI]

Thanks to Demountable Sales & Hire and Bill’s Crane Trucks who helped us make this expansion happen within a tight budget. We look forward to the new buildings being fully furnished and connected to utilities by early next year, ready for our guests.