yugulmangidevelopmentlogoYugul Mangi Development Aboriginal Corporation (YMD) was established in 2008 after changes to the Local Government Act, which created the Roper Gulf Shire (now Roper Gulf Regional Council).

The Council handles basic services while YMD has the responsibility of being the main community reference group on all matters – working closely with other community reference groups in town.

YMD promotes the growth of community owned enterprise and supports clan business development. It is our aim to build a sustainable viable local economy creating full employment, career pathways and an end to generational welfare dependence.

YMD represents the seven clans of South East Arnhem land. On the Northern side of the Roper, these lands extend from Blue Mud Bay across toward Bullman, down the Wilton River Valley to Roper River and out to the Gulf. On the Southern side of the river the lands extend from west of Buddawka to the Hodgson River and includes the Towns River and Limmen River systems and coastal areas between. This area includes the newly declared Limmen National Park and the Mara Land Trust.

These vast lands hold great potential for developing pastoral, tourism, land management, mining industries among others and in many ways have been a forgotten area of Australia.

Things are always changing, as evidenced by Western Desert Resources attempt at opening an iron ore mine on the Towns River, and the ever growing numbers of tourists driving the Savannah Way which runs through the heart of country. Over 20,000 vehicles use this route every year.

The community of Ngukurr as represented by Yugul Mangi Development with nearly 300 members is looking forward to an exciting future as the people engage in these growing opportunities.