Roadworks underway

We’ve been working with the Territory Government, the Department of Infrastructure Logistics and Planning (DIPL), and Roper Council to provide increased opportunities for Indigenous employment in our remote community. Often external contractors come to community, do the work, and leave – with little to no employment for local community.

This time though, we’ve hired skilled and experienced Civil Operators who are working closely with local community to skill them up, train them, and show them how to do some of this work themselves. As a result, we have been re-sheeting part of our own road, as well as fixing up the entrance road into Urapunga after the wet.

We’re very proud of our team and DIPL have been very impressed with the work they’ve done. We see this as a model that can be used going forward creating long-term employment opportunities for local community and ultimately reduced cost to the Government as contractors won’t need to bring so many external workers in.