Football, Basketball, Music & Fireworks at Yugul Mangi Festibul 2018 – Ngukurr

It’s been a weekend of Football, Basketball, Music & Fireworks at the Yugul Mangi Festibul 2018 this year.

Friday night kicked off with bunggul, a fashion show, a baby competition, local youth bands, and a disco – with prize vouchers for the best dancers (and all the cute babies).

Saturday was full of Football, locally made canoes that were given a trial run in the swimming pool, a spear throwing competition and a late, late night of bands running until 3 am and in the middle of it all, a great Firework display – a rare chance for the kids up in Ngukurr.

On Sunday it was all finals. The Ngukurr Cobras played off against the¬†Ngukurr Eagles in the women’s Basketball, with the Cobras clinching victory – winning 38 to 32 in a tight match with scores level right up until last minute.

The Football Grand Final was next with Urapunga Power versus the Ngukurr Jets. The teams were evenly matched, with the game going into second over-time before Urapunga kicked the goal that would win the match. Ngukurr Jets scored 8 goals, 7 points for 55, with Urapunga 9 goals, 7 points, 61. You can watch the final minute of the match below.

[wpvideo 7KXt9umi]

It was an exciting weekend for everyone involved. We’d like to thank everyone who helped make Festival great this year, and we look forward to an even better Festival next year!